Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Rakieta today. Now she is able to live a normal life
Rakieta approximately one month after surgery. Her host dad made her a special shoe so that she could begin to walk unassisted and more balanced.

Rakieta before she came to the US for treatment

Rakieta is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. She, as a small child accidently spilled kerosene on herself while filling a lamp. When she lit the match to light the lamp her legs caught on fire.
She came to the US in 2003 for skin graft treatments at 13 years old. Shriners of Cincinnati did a wonderful job with her care. Today she is back home with her family and now attends sewing school. Her host family continues to work with the birth family and physicians in Burkina to make sure her ongoing medical needs are being met. In fact the friendship between the 2 families has helped bring many resources into Burkina where the need is very great.