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Press Release From the Philippines


Contact: Maria Elena Maningat Vice Consul Information Section 212-764-1330 ext 312
PR-CBR- 65 -2008 22 December 2008
NEW YORK - The Philippine Consulate General congratulates all thirty-one (31) recipients of the 2008 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas, eleven (11) of whom originate from the Northeast USA!
122 nominations were received by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) from 29 countries. Based on these nominations, the CFO selected only 31 awardees. The Philippine Consulate General New York was very glad to note that fully one third of those selected were nominated by the NY PCG. The awards were conferred by H.E. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo last 10th of December 2008 at Malacanang Palace.
The Presidential Awards are given every two years, with separate categories depending on the types of contributions made by the organization or individual to the Philippines. The categories include:

Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino - conferred to Filipino associations or individuals for their exceptional or significant contributions to the reconstruction, progress and development in the Philippines;

Kaanib ng Bayan Award - conferred to foreign individuals or organizations which have significantly helped a sector or community in the Philippines;

Banaag Award - conferred to Filipinos or associations for their contributions which have significantly benefited a sector or community in the Philippines or advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities; and the

Pamana ng Pilipino - conferred on Filipinos overseas who have consistently pursued their work or profession with excellence and distinction.
The list of awardees from the Northeast USA is as follows:
Association of Philippine Physicians in America,
for its annual medical-surgical mission and donations to the Philippines benefiting the under privilege from Luzon to Mindanao
Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino
Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB)
an American institution which has been collaborating successfully for many years now with various Philippine entities and Fil-Am organizations in providing medicines, equipment and health services to the poor in the Philippines
Kaanib ng Bayan

Childrens’ Chance Connecticut
a not-for-profit organization based in Connecticut, headed by Mrs. Dorita Urrata. Childrens’ Chance has been responsible for sending indigent Filipino children with unique disabilities to the United States for medical treatment, notably the conjoined twins Carl and Clarence Aguirre, who were surgically separated through in 2003.

Kaanib ng Bayan
Mrs. Patricia Berberabe of New Jersey
She pioneered the importation and wholesale purchase of Philippine food, arts and handicrafts in the Tri-State area, as President and CEO of Phil-Am Trading, in business for more than 35 years
Mr. Lamberto Garcia
Using his own retirement funds, he established the Santiago Garcia Educational Foundation to help his kababayans in Sta Ana Pampanga
and neighboring towns to go through non-formal education through his foundation known as “Libreng Eskwela”, which collaborates with TESDA and the local government
Mr. Santiago Muzones Jr.
an active community leader, he founded (now President Emeritus) the Iloilo Society of America (ISA). Through his leadership ISA has given more than 11 Million Pesos in college scholarships to deserving students in Iloilo
Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNA)
for its work to help Philippine nurses - most notable of which was the elimination of CGFNS in new Jersey and Michigan and its hard earned work to have Manila approved as an international test site for the National Council of Licensing Exam (NCLEX)
Mr. Romeo Dorotan and Ms. Amelia Besa
the husband and wife team who owns the famed Cendrillon Restaurant in Soho, Manhattan. Specializing in Philippine based dishes, the restaurant has made a name for itself in the New York restaurant scene. It has been featured in American television (e.g. Martha Stewart’s ABC-TV SHOW);
The restaurant imports heirloom rice from the Cordillera region, in support of the industry. Amy and Romy have also sent aid to the rangers which guard RP’s Tubataha Reef, an important food source of the region. They have written an award-winning book “Memories of My Mother’s Kitchen”
Pamana ng Pilipino
Mr. Bayani de Leon
composer, whose written works reflect his Philippine Asian heritage. He was the first Filipino American composer to write a full scale symphonic poem Batong Buhay for the rondalla. He won an international prize for his work, which combined Philippine indigenous instruments with the western harp and clarinet.
Pamana ng Pilipino
Mr. Carlos Esguerra
a Filipino-American landscape photographer who has exhibited in the US, the Philippines, China, Canada Austria and elsewhere, receiving international recognition and awards
Pamana ng Pilipino
Mr. Libertito Pelayo
editor and publisher of the New York based Filipino Reporter, the most widely-circulated and well respected newspaper in the northeast USA for the Filipino American community. The newspaper has been in existence for 36 years and has attained a loyal following in the community as it continues to inform the general public of relevant news from the Philippines and from around the world. For his achievements in journalism his service and impact to the community, Mr. Pelayo was recognized by the City of New York with a Commendation in 2007. He has also been active in community organizations for special projects in the Philippines. Through his efforts, a donation of $8,000 was given to 5 barangays in Aklan for the construction of jetmatic pumps. His newspaper has also revised funds for the victims of natural calamities in the Philippines.
Pamana ng Pilipino
The Philippine Consulate General New York is proud of all the organizations and individuals who received this, the highest honor given to Filipinos abroad which will again be given out by the President to deserving recipients in 2010. END
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Rakieta today. Now she is able to live a normal life
Rakieta approximately one month after surgery. Her host dad made her a special shoe so that she could begin to walk unassisted and more balanced.

Rakieta before she came to the US for treatment

Rakieta is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. She, as a small child accidently spilled kerosene on herself while filling a lamp. When she lit the match to light the lamp her legs caught on fire.
She came to the US in 2003 for skin graft treatments at 13 years old. Shriners of Cincinnati did a wonderful job with her care. Today she is back home with her family and now attends sewing school. Her host family continues to work with the birth family and physicians in Burkina to make sure her ongoing medical needs are being met. In fact the friendship between the 2 families has helped bring many resources into Burkina where the need is very great.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Roberto or Romie

This is Romie with his host brothers in Dec about 11 months after arriving. He is growing like a weed now . All procedures are going smoothly.
Romie in January 2006 just before arriving in the US

This is Roberto. He likes to be called Romie. He is now 15. When this picture was taken he was 14. He has come from the Philippines for extensive medical treatments from Yale Medical Center. He was born with multiple congenital anamalies. These procedures have helped him thrive and grow and to be able to function normally. Romie seems to be contagiously cheerful. It is very life altering to meet children with so many problems who can spread so much love and sunshine.

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Children's Chance

I am Dorita Urrata. I am the Director of Children's Chance-Connecticut, a non-profit organization created to help children from other countries who need medical care and can not get it in their home country.
This blog has been created to let our friends know what is happening, to give people looking for help or a way to donate our organization's information, and lastly, a way to post good news, pictures and cheer about all Children's Chance kids.

Please do check in regularly.

Children's Chance Connecticut
45 Proctor St
Waterbury, Conn 06706